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How to agree my parent for love marriage is your life and you have to live it your way. If you love your boyfriend, then you should marry him and not a random person chosen by her family. The first step is for you to believe and be fully committed to this eventuality. In order to convince his family, it is best to open a negotiating point. Find the family members would be less resistant to their marriage outside their caste, this could be your mother, your aunt or your brothers / sisters or cousins. Find an opportunity and trust them you love this man. Be open and honest and ask if they would be open to meet him. Emphasize that you really like and want to be happy with it.

To this end, members of his family, one by one. You will gain confidence in how to negotiate with your family and win the support of family members who will meet with her boyfriend and undoubtedly would like (members of the family who truly loves you will definitely end up to like her boyfriend because they want to see you happy).

How to agree my parent for inter caste marriage

Once this is done, identify a family friend who can introduce her boyfriend. You may prefer to talk to the ladies in the house, but make sure to take at least a man meets her boyfriend. This is important because the biggest protest appears to come from his father and making sure that part of their social peer group is on your side will help your case. One important thing to remember, try to avoid, but not actively hidden thing, that of his father. For example, not WhatsApp your family about your relationship or leaving traces that can be found. This is important because when he finally confronts his parents should be sure that you are genuine and not do anything back to hurt them.

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