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Three astrologers, Guru Arvind ji (Famous Karamakandi Expert) and Rahul famous Jyotish combine their talents to make real astrology accessible through online astrology, weekly entertaining talks that are relevant, useful and fun. We know that astrology is a great tool to make the most out of love for life and this moment in time, and want to share it with you. Astrology specialist guru ji has come up with online astrology. We get calls from our listeners or connect with people online to answer questions about their charts.

Most Vedic Astrology Vedic Astrologers claim to be 90% accurate. However, only half of these astrologers predicted the recent presidential elections correctly. He is Astrology specialist guru ji in India. Is it the fault of astrology or astrologer? A horoscope in your own hand is just like a map of personal destiny. Secrets that are included in the horoscope can be revealed or exposed only by Vedic astrologer. What is Vedic astrologer? As astrology can be seen by everyone. Vedic astrology is called as the star system, while Western astrology is tropical.

Guru Arvind ji is one of the Astrology specialist guru ji . His expertise lies in predictive astrology (or PHALI Jyotish) using the principles or concepts provided by Sage Parashar making reading horoscope or analysis horoscope for providing consulting astrological for a customer on various issues of life, such as: - Education, Career (Job or Business), professional growth, love life, marriage, Married life, birth, financial condition, property, material assets, Tour Affairs and Issues Health to assess the timing of past, present and future tense of his life.

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